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Err.. you see, I'm just helping mom to clean up...


Just checking if there's any garbage left here..

In the end of July we went to a clicker training camp. It was a blast! Thanks to everyone there. I had fun and I think so did mom.

chewing table

From left to right: Noora (yellow shirt), Jaana, Tiina, mister who's name I've forgotten, Marko and Erkku, "Muumolan koira" ;) and Oiva in the front.

From left to right: Erkku, Kaisa, Sanna, Noora and Marko

From left to right: Tommi, Erkku, Jaana, Veli-Matti, lady who's name I've forgotten Marko and Oiva (I can't believe mom's taken three pictures without me clearly visible!)

Heeeyy! Camera! I didn't have any time to prepare myself.

OK, she just left me here. I wonder if she's coming back.. Nope, still walking away. Okay, I gotta stay calm and make a plan in case she's not returning.

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